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Hilltop Alpha Recast Plastic Mountain With Accessories

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Hilltop Alpha Recast Plastic Mountain With Accessories


Very Similar To Marx Nararone Mountain Set!

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Recast large battle mountain. Color plastic may vary (pic shows grey plastic). These I believe were originally released in Hilltop Alpha playsets a few years back. Mountain measures 7" deep, 13" wide, and 17" tall. Comes with accessories to include top pillbox, sandbag and cannon, and two doors. All accessories are removable to convert this into a prehistoric caves or Iwo Jima mountain. There are several 'levels" to the mountain but floors are not included (see back pic) However, there are slots along the interior of the mountain so you could create and add your own floors with plastic, balsa wood, or even cardboard. Real Nice centerpiece mountain with lots of possiblities!!