Ancient Greek Alexander The Great Plastic Warriors Set #25

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Ancient Greek Alexander The Great Plastic Warriors Set #25


Very Cool Set Of Ancient Warriors, Seige Weapons, And More!

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This is a Alexander The Great Warriors Set. In plastic, you get 6 Greek Style Warriors on foot and 2 mounted warriors with horses. These figures are approx. 3" tall, made with a pvc style plastic, with painted highlights, and some with removable weapons. This set also includes a catapult, ballista, (some packs have one seige weapon and one chariot) ammo for the seige weapons, stretcher to carry the ammo, two horse racks that can be used with the horses to tow your ancient artillery, and even a guillotine! (update...the manufacturer seems to be replacing one seige weapon for a chariot, so some sets may come with chariot and one seige weapon as the assortment) Set in sealed header card with baggie. Cool ancient or fantasy figures, works well with are other new ancients sets!